Panasonic RR-US430 Voice Recorder, Thin Style, PC Software 33 Hour Rec

rate 3.4
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Category: Digital Voice Recorders
  • max recording time: Up to 33 Hours

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Say goodbye to manual note taking! This Panasonic IC digital recorder was designed specifically to record and edit your important meetings, interviews, lectures and ideas. Featuring up to 33 hours and 20 minutes of recording time and a USB terminal link - which conveniently allows you to connect to your PC to save files. As an added bonus this IC recorder also includes a USB cable, voice editing software with PC file management software that allows you to manage your files more effectively. Recording a total of up to 495 files (99 files each in 5 folders) finding what you need is easy, especially with the built-in quick search dial. 

  • 33 hour Rec Time
  • PC Software and Inc USB Cable
  • 99 files X 5 Folders
  • Quick serch dial
  • Sound file management software
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Key Features
Type Transcriber / Recorder
Design Handheld
Max Recording Time Up to 33 Hours
Recording Media Digital
Voice Activate System (VAS) With VAS
Other Features
Headphone Jack With Headphone Jack
Battery Life Approx Approx. 30 Hours
Width 1.53 in.
Depth 0.56 in.
Height 4.13 in.
Weight 1.31 oz.
UPC 00037988254828



Chen Sun 5.0
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If all you want is an easy to use voice recorder that's inexpensive and doesn't have to sound good for music, this is it. I've only had this for a couple of days, so if it lasts for a year, it'll be a bargain. However, as compared to my tape recorder, it is vastly superior in every way.
Roedy Green 2.0
I would not recommend this unit for three main reasons:1. the sound quality is pretty bad with the internal mike and speaker. For taking notes an external mike and speaker is too bulky.2. It does not work when powered by the USB port. You have to unplug it and run off two AAA cells (put in backwards) to play or record.3. There is no USB driver either in firmware, on the CD, at Panasonic or built-into Windows 7. So could not use the computer software to edit sound, or convert sound to text, or ... manipulate the clips in the device.The notes talk about Win2K and XP. I suspect this is quite an old design, and they have not kept up to date with drivers.Operating is easy. You hit record, talk, hit stop. Hit record, talk, hit stop. Each time you hit record it starts a new numbered snippet. You select which clip you want to hear by spinning a wheel, then hit play. More >
William Hill 3.0
I purchased this recorder as I have 2 previous panasonic versions recorders. Right off the bat you need to know its Window Vista not XP compliant. Unlike previous RR US360 recorders playback thru its little speaker is very tinny and distorts very quickly. Yes its thiner and the plus is that there is a pause in the record mode and more on board recording time. As for the covert placment in the pocket to record conversations the zoom setting I have not tried. Previous versions RR US360 that I now ... have 2 of are fantastic. Ive recorded pipe organs and weddings with the RRUS360 and found great sound quality. I have one on my phone line to record voicemails and customer contracts and once again this new unit has the bells and whistles for that. With proper cables I transfer (record) chapters from audio book ipod files. Get rechargable batteries. On the RRUS360 you can record a complete day of work converstions on one set of battries. More >